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Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Wilderness Programs or Boot Camps in Rochester, Minnesota… What is Better for Your Troubled Teen?

troubled teensTroubled teens in Rochester, Minnesota can benefit from various kinds of residential therapeutic programs. Each kind can work effectively with troubled teens. They are, first of all, designed to separate the teen from problematic peers and difficult situations in his or her life. And they put the teen in a safe, controlled environment with professional therapy in order that attitudes can change. There is no one general therapeutic approach with these therapeutic programs.  In fact, approaches differ at each and every troubled teen program or school, so think twice and and check out a program that is appropriate for your teenager.

therapeutic programsPrograms categorized as “therapeutic” go by several names, including: bootcamps, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and therapeutic boarding schools. Residential treatment programs make use of their own behavior modification methods and the length of stay for the teenager may vary from a few weeks to many months. Therapeutic programs like boot camps and wilderness programs are usually short-term and might not involve academics.  Most residential programs are many months and include a school so that the teen can continue their education throughout their stay.

Parents should look for programs that are licensed through the state and employ well-trained and licensed personnel. Generally, the more expert and trained the personnel are in the program or school, the more costly it will be, but also the more effective it will be and the ten may be able to come home sooner. Academic accreditation is also essential, so your teenager’s credits or diploma are recognized by either their local school or college of your choice.

Compare Therapeutic Methods at Troubled Teen Programs and Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Rochester, Minnesota with the Needs of Your Teen.

Methods at troubled teen programs and schools typically involve both negative and positive reinforcement. Level or point systems are often effective with youth. As adolescents discover how to adjust their behavior to get better feedback, they progress one level at a time. Boot camps and wilderness programs tend to leave things at that point so the teenager will often resort to previous misbehavior since they haven’t learned how to live according to better behavior over a longer period of time. Much of the reason why therapeutic boarding schools tend to work long-term is because for the teenager it becomes an ingrained way of life over several months. While it is hard on families to not have their teenager nearby, it is often much harder to see a teen destroy their life through drugs, alcohol, troubled with the law, or lack of educational success.

boaring-school-8In some cases, there are psychological or traumatic event-driven reasons for the bad behavior, and the teen might not even be capable of controlling it or understand why they feel the way they do. In those situations a therapist is needed, not the shock treatment of boot camps or military schools.

Boot camps in Rochester, Minnesota will use strict military-style tactics and drills to force compliance with authority. They give oppositional adolescents a rude awakening. For a teenager who truly needs psychological help, however, the harsh structure may not be a good choice, especially for a depressed, suicidal or emotionally scarred teen.

Wilderness programs use outdoor adventures, animal care, and a “back to basics” approach to teach adolescents a better way to think about life. Some high-end programs also include therapists on staff. Their strong suit is promoting emotional growth by challenging and stretching kids and teaching trust. This system might not be therapeutic enough to aid teens struggling with certain troubling behaviors, but it can provide an initial wake-up call to a highly resistant or angry teenager and is often a first step before a longer term program.

schools for troubled teensDealing with the Causes of Misbehavior of Teenagers

Behavior modification also happens when the root causes of the behavior are addressed. Therapeutic boarding schools use individual and group therapy coupled with mentoring, peer encouragement, and academics. Teens can catch up academically and gain confidence in their abilities. They also get the care they need to properly address social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral difficulties.

Good therapeutic boarding schools in Rochester, Minnesota recognize that lasting change arises from within. They give attention to leading the teenager toward better choices through their own conscience rather than simply requiring compliance with authority. Those that focus on the spiritual component tend to be more successful since a spiritual change also produces a behavioral change. Better therapeutic boarding schools also have aftercare programs with access to counselors and other resources to assist with the transition back to home. They may even invite past residents back from time to time for refresher courses.

Lasting Change for Teens and Their Families

The best therapeutic boarding schools near Rochester, Minnesota concentrate on family restoration in addition to straightening out a troubled teen. Parents who have exhausted themselves looking for a solution need compassionate care and training for healthy growth just as much as their child does. Therapeutic boarding schools want to see both adolescents and families moving forward to a positive future.

Abundant Life Academy isn’t Located in Rochester, Minnesota, but We Enroll Teens from Rochester, MN.

boarding schoolsAbundant Life Academy offers a variety of therapeutic services that will provide teens in Rochester, Minnesota with the highest level of quality care available in the therapeutic boarding school industry. Our purpose is to provide teens and their families in Rochester, Minnesota with the tools and resources to succeed and thrive academically, relationally and spiritually, equipping them to live a better life.

Please review our website to learn how effectively our therapeutic boarding school can help provide a path for your child toward restoration. Or call us today at 888-305-6729.

Our hope is that you will consider our therapeutic boarding school, even as you seek information about boot camps, military schools, and therapeutic boarding schools in Rochester, Minnesota.

Abundant Life Academy offers the following therapeutic services as components of our overall program: 

Milieu Therapy

Individual  & Group Therapy

Braincore® Therapy

Equine Therapy

Celebrate Recovery


More about therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs and boot camps in Rochester, Minnesota:

Rochester is a city in the U.S. state of Minnesota and is the county seat of Olmsted County. Located on both banks of the Zumbro River, The city has a population of 106,769 according to the 2010 United States Census, making it Minnesota’s third-largest city and the largest outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Excerpt about Rochester, MN Therapeutic boarding schools, used with permission from Wikipedia. 


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